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In this, the final article in the eight-part series on the CIOB’s new Complex Projects Contract (CPC2013), we deal with termination. This is a term which applies to the end of the Contractor’s employment under the Contract (under which it has the right to access to the Site and to carry out the Works).
This guideline has been prepared to assist Health Services / Agencies and the members of governance bodies such as Steering Committees (SC) or Project Control Group (PCG) to understand and manage their responsibilities during the construction and contract administration phase of a building project. The guide has been prepared for non-technical members of the SC/PCG who may have little or no experience in the building and construction industry, although it does provide guidance to consultants and project managers regarding government and departmental requirements.
Contract management or contract administration is the management of contracts made with customers, vendors, partners, or employees.
A dissertation submitted to The University of Manchester for the degree of MSc Construction Project Management
Encouraging and improving collaborative working in the UK construction industry has been a recurring theme for over 10 years. While there have been improvements in this time, our most recent survey reinforces the view formed in our 2012 survey, which suggests that while the benefit of collaboration is now widely acknowledged in the industry, few projects are actually adopting collaborative working methods.
The definitions and explanations in this Guide were developed by a team of purchasing specialists from several Wisconsin state agencies and University of Wisconsin
This guide outlines what sub-contracting in construction contracts involves, and the main issues to consider
Attorneys who serve as contract managers hold a mantle of ethical duty higher than their non-attorney peers, and would do well to recognize the intersection of their employment with their training, acting at all times in accordance with the Model Rules of Professional Conduct.
A contract administrator makes sure the parties employ due diligence to comply with the terms, conditions, rights and obligations of the contract. He or she also coordinates any changes to the agreement that might occur over the course of the contract and performs the closeout process when both parties have met their obligations.
Construction contracts management is the process of negotiating and managing all contract agreements involved in a construction project or company, such as those involving vendors or clients.


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