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In order to put insurance into context, it is necessary to start at the beginning. The identification of risk is obviously the first step towards the development of risk management and reduction strategies.
Abstract: Normally, the owner must contract with construction contractors and core system contractor at the same time in the public projects. Especially, for an infrastructure project, the core system contractor and construction contractor may sometimes pass their requests concerning with ambiguous conditions of interfaces to the owner by changing the design, or by modifying the works.
Cost of risk is a concept many construction companies have never thought about despite the fact that it is one of the largest expense items
The main objective of this research is to gain understanding of 44 risk factors that could be in front of building projects in Gaza Strip.
Risk plays an important role in the success of construction project. In managing risk, identification of riskfactors is very critical. Hence, this study focused on theinvestigation of risk factors from contractor s’ perspective as thecontractors are key players in the success of a project
A significant component of successful risk management begins with how well the project participants allocate risks at the contract formation stage.


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