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With the total cost method, lost labor productivity damages are calculated by comparing the actual costs with the expected or bid costs. The difference between the actual and expected costs is presented as the claimed amount.
Change has a tremendous effect on the performance of a construction project. Research that focuses on the quantitative impact is limited, incomplete, and in some cases questionable. The goals of this study were to quantify the nature and impacts of project change and develop recommended practices so that owners and contractors can manage change better.
The best-known and certainly the most widely discussed MCAA publication are the “Factors Affecting Labor Productivity”, often referred to as the “MCAA Factors”, initially published by MCAA in the early 1970s.
As such, most claims for disruption are dealt with retrospectively and the claimant is forced to rely on contemporary records to try and establish a causal nexus for identified losses (cause and effect) which are all too often inadequate for the purposes of sufficiently evidencing a loss of productivity claim.
In an effort to identify the effects of change orders on productivity and to provide an alternate method of calculation, 90 cases drawn from 57 projects are examined in a comprehensive field investitgation.
Several methods have been developed to estimate the impact of work fragmentation, however these methods generally do not work well in projects were severe systemic fragmentation occurs. This paper propose a theoretical method based on a production function model and test this model using data from a highly fragmented office building project.
rbeitdehnt sich in genau in dem Maß aus, wie Zeit für ihre Erledigung zur Verfügung steht-und nicht in dem Maß, wie komplex sie tatsächlich ist.

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