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"Acceleration" is not a legal term. Its natural and common meaning is to "bring about in an earlier point in time" (Webster Dictionary), which is a comparative measure. There must be some benchmark against which to measure the acceleration. In construction, the main issue is the date against which progress is measured.
It is better for acceleration agreements to be made prior to the implementation of acceleration measures. This is because the parties often have widely differing thoughts as to cost, benefit and liability.
Our research is focused especially to risks resulting from construction process acceleration. This phenomenon is in construction evident for several years. The construction processes parameters allow the time regulation of every operation.
Der Beitrag befasst sich anhand zweier Entscheidungen der OLG Koblenz und Schleswig mit einem für die Baupraxis hoch aktuellen Thema. Es geht um die Frage, ob das Drängen des Auftraggebers nach Einhaltung des Fertigstellungstermins eine konkludente Beschleunigungsanordnung darstellen kann.
Weist der Auftraggeber vorgetragene Gründe des Auftragnehmers für eine Verlängerung der Bauzeit zurück und besteht auf Einhaltung der vertraglich vereinbarten Ausführungsfristen, so liegt hierin keine Beschleunigungsanordnung mit der Folge einer Nachtragsvergütung nach § 2 Nr. 6 VOB/B.,13907.html
Identifying whether a project is a success or a failure can change with time. The Sydney Opera House was clearly a failure on the criteria of budget/time/function, yet the building later became the iconic image for the nation for the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
Bei dem angesprochenen Thema der Beschleunigungsmaßnahmen gibt es eine Vielzahl von Fragen. Diese werden in Rechtsprechung und Literatur völlig unterschiedlich beantwortet. Es gibt kaum eine Frage ,die nicht unterschiedlich beantwortet wird. Eine Klarstellung des BGH gibt es bislang nicht !
Standard forms of construction and engineering contracts and bespoke documents will very often require the contractor to carry out its work with due diligence. A failure to exercise due diligence gives scope to the employer to terminate the contractor’s contract for breach. However, it has always been very difficult to prove a failure to exercise due diligence by the contractor. What exactly is due diligence?
Acceleration measures (or schedule compression measures) is an important tool for meeting schedule deadlines and project completion targets. Also termed as time-cost trade-off process (see Annex A), acceleration measures are formulated on the simple concept of buying time in the most cost effective and optimum fashion.
A $30 million construction project with an increasingly common problem, a $10 million plus end-of-contract delay and disruption claim.

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