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The FIDIC suite of contracts now covers a wide range of projects and methods of procurement. It is therefore likely that any international contractor or consultant working outside of the UK will frequently encounter FIDIC conditions of contract.
The long awaited FIDIC Design Build Operate Contract has finally been published by FIDIC. The purpose of this article is to provide readers with a general overview of the new build contract and its intended application
Founded in 1913 by three countries, each wholly or partly francophone, specifically Belgium, France and Switzerland. There are now 78 Member Associations from all over the world.
This succinct yet comprehensive course focusses on the benefits of NEC3 as an international form of contract, and how it differs from traditional international forms of contract like FIDIC.
Die FIDIC-Verträge haben große Bedeutung bei Vorhaben, die die Weltbank, andere multilaterale Entwicklungsbanken (EBRD) und die EU (ISPA) finanzieren. Viele nationale und multilaterale Entwicklungsbanken empfehlen FIDIC Vertragswerke im Rahmen ihrer Kredit- und Vergabebedingungen (siehe z.B. die SBDW der Weltbank). Solche Aufträge werden daher regelmäßig auf der Grundlage von FIDIC Vertragsbedingungen ausgeschrieben und abgewickelt.
FIDIC is an international agency that formulates conditions of contract recommended for construction works where tenders are invited on an international basis. FIDIC conditions of contract are also widely used in domestic projects with minor modifications.

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