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The purpose of this professional manual on claims management and dispute resolution is to provide guidelines to all professional involved in construction project management environment and other related professionals, at all levels of the project, particularly professional involved in claims and construction dispute resolution.
What are the implications of the changing culture of the construction industry for procurement? The concepts of partnering, collaboration and mutual benefit are increasingly important and represent a positive move away from the past when disputes and their avoidance were such key issues in procurement. Profitable Partnering in Construction Procurement is a compilation of papers presented at the CIB W92 Symposium held in Chaing Mai, Thailand in January 1999.
A Guide to Structured Procurements focuses, through a practitioners eyes, on the Project Management Institutes Project Procurement Management knowledge area. The Fourth Edition (2008) of "A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge" is used as a basis to describe elements of structured procurements, including procurement planning, competitive bidding, negotiations, legal considerations of procurement, contract management and administration, dispute resolution, and procurement ethics. The book explains and elaborates on Project Procurement Management, bridging the gap between project managers and procurement professionals and guiding the reader on the "how to" of implementing a structured procurement methodology.
Proving and Pricing Construction Claims; Robert F. Cushman; David A. Carpenter
Investors and managers of major projects know how often they result in cost overruns and schedule delays. Risk Navigation Strategies for Major Capital Projects builds on conventional best practice to provide a risk-based view of current practices for planning and executing large international projects. As economies of scale continue to drive projects to ever-higher levels of scope and complexity, new thinking about strategy and risk is required.
The phases of project contracting described. Tips for designing and managing contracts so as to avoid management failures and claims. List of action items for identifying errors of omission or weaknesses in the contract.

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